H4 visa Emergency Appointment - India Process

Helloo , my name is yatri . I want to apply for H4 emergency . My husband is alredy in usa with having h1b visa.
Can u help me fill emergency application ? What reason i hv to show for emergency ?
Do i hv to wait till 30dec 2020 ?
Or i can apply now? What should i hv to do ?

No need to wait.
You apply for H4 under emergency under health reason and attach details of your spouse status in US, below are some experiences on process.

Hey . I applied for emergency . Within few hours i got this mail

You have received the following message regarding your Emergency/Group scheduling request:

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our routine consular services across India remain suspended. Visa operations are very limited. Thus, and at this time, we are unable to accommodate your emergency appointment request currently, but your case will remain under review. We will re-assess your request when local conditions allow us to safely expand our services.

That’s it … what actually it says .
Have to wait or denied meanwhile ?
I m confused little bit
Pls help

Hey there i got followed email to submit marrige certificate and I797 . Can i hope for approval? Of my emergency appointment . Than in how much i need to wait

Stay positive. If they asked, then they are definitely considering it. Give it few days.

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Yes i got approval for it .

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Congrats, glad to hear !