H4 visa DS160 for spouse

I am currently on H1B working on US. I am planning to get married in November in India. I was wondering if we can fill out the DS160 now and get an appointment for December (after the marriage)

  • is it fine to fill out DS 160 for future plans to avoid waiting for slots?
  • if so then what should we enter as her marital status? She will be ‘married’ while going for interview so is married correct or should she choose other?
  • does getting a court marriage registered fine for H4 visa?


Generally speaking you must enter all the information in DS-160 that hilds true as of the filing of DS-160. You have option to update existing or submit a new DS-160 at a later time before going for the interview.

Should be fine and acceptable as far as you have marriage certificate. Make sure you take couple of pictures immediately after the court marriage for e.g. posing while signing and exchanging garlands etc.