H4 visa DS 160 question - Husband immediate family?

I am trying to fill up the DS 160 form. I have some questions regarding this-
In the question - do you have any immediate relatives in the US - what should I write yes or no…my husband is right now in usa in H1 B Visa.

Also I had a learner’s license which is expired now so what should I write in this question-

Lastly- in the US point of contact- what should I write about the organization or group question- please let me know.

Yes, you need to indicate your spouse as they are considered immediate family. Check Immediate Family Definition, Criteria, and Legal Aspects

I am not sure, if you need to mention Learners license in there.

It should be your husband’s info for point of contact.

Thank you…in the US point of contact there is a question organization name what should I write husbands organization name ?
Also, the application receipt no my husband changed his employer so his receipt number changed also, so which application receipt number should I give?