H4 visa- DS 160 - Education & primary occupation for dependent spouse

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If spouse is currently studying training last semester of graduate programme.

1) In DS-160 form she has to fill her primary occupation. Currently she is in last training semester . what is option . Suddent or Not employed ?

2)  " Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above? " : what date should to enter in the dates of attendance from/to , if traing last semester is still pursing ? 

3) For H4 if spouse is  last semester student , will it affect Visa.





  1. If for H4, Its not mandatory to fill educational details. Tick Does not apply. Its ok even if u fill

  2. Leave it, for H4 it’s not mandatory. Tick Does not apply

  3. No

RaNa has superbly answered all questions, here are my 2 cents worth. An officer can always ask your H-4 spouse on what her future plans are. It is strange to assume she will do a B.Tech (or something else) in India just to stay at home in the US. Most H-4 spouses are highly educated. The correct answer is - I might study further while my husband completes his project. Now for your questions

  1. Student

  2. Yes and specify dates when education ended or will end (training is not part of what they are asking)

  3. No, visa is not affected but officers must understand she will complete her education before travel and not abandon it

Wish you both the very best

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It doesn’t allow us to enter a future date. Please advise. thanks!