H4 Visa dropbox with H1B approval notice??

Need a small informational help. My H1B got approved in premium processing and my spouse H4 extension, H4 EAD renewals are still processing. Both of our existing visa stamps are valid till May 2023.

We are planning on travelling to INDIA in March 2023 and I was able to secure a dropbox visa stamping appointment slot for me. If I was able to secure a different drop box slot for my spouse as well, can she get her new visa stamping done via drop box using my new visa stamp? If we get same slot for 2 people, will she also get new visa stamp basing on my H1B approval notice? We are eligible for drop box as we got our last stamp from same country < 24 months.

If she was able to get the new stamp, I am assuming that her pending H4 extension and pending H4 EAD renewal will be abandoned and she will have to a file a new H4 EAD renewal once we are back in USA. Is that assumption correct?​ If yes, will she be eligible for the 540 day H4 EAD automatic extension? Her current H4 EAD is valid till May 2023.

I responded to your post on another forum.