H4 Visa Dropbox Experience - Chennai (Kochi VFS)


My family went for H4 dropbox stamping. Below is the experience:
Some context before going into the experience - I am in the US when Executive Order came in June. But my family was stuck in India due to the Covid lockdown as they had gone on vacation. My visa expired in between and I filed extension and got approved by August end

  1. Checked with my employer’s immigration team if H4 visa stamping is open in India.
  2. They said Yes and we filled in DS-160 and booked the dropbox appointment for September last week.
  3. My family went to Kochi office but there they were asked for an additional doc called “H1B’s position confirmation letter”. Staff said that consulate is asking for this particular doc from today onwards.
  4. We didn’t have this particular document as this was not listed in the Appointment confirmation letter. Staff were ready to accept all available docs and send it to consulate and wait for consulate’s response if any additional docs are needed.
  5. We didn’t want to take risk, so we asked to mark the appointment as NO SHOW and returned.
  6. I got in touch and asked my employer to provide this particular doc. They told me to use company’s Employment Verification letter and Client letter in place of this.
  7. I rebooked appointment and got slot for 3rd week of October. This time appointment letter listed a doc called “Principle Applicant’s Position confirmation letter”.
  8. Family went for drobox as scheduled and everything went fine. Online status showed “Visa Issued” on 9th day and in 2 days passport came back to Kochi.
  9. Visa stamp had annotation: “EXCEPTED FROM OR NOT SUBJECT TO PP 10052”
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Thank you for sharing !


Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a few questions regarding dropbox stamping. Hope you could help me.

Mine and my dependent’s visa expired in June 2019. I got my extension approved and my family is planning to travel to India and get visa stamping using dropbox.

When scheduling the appointment, did you schedule the appointments separately for your spouse and kids? As per the interview questionnaire rules mentioned on their website, each applicant should satisfy the conditions individually. First question in the questionnaire was “Are you (the applicant) below 14 years?”. My daughter is below 14 years old. Should I create a new profile for my daughter and schedule the appointment separately or, can I add my daughter in my spouse’s profile and answer the questions based on the information of my spouse?

Please advise

I did it as a single profile. Profile was created for my spouse and I added the child as dependent. There no need to create separate profile.