H4 Visa Dropbox eligibility, after F1 Visa got rejected

Hello All,

My wife has an H4 visa before. She applied for an f1 visa recently and it got rejected. Now, we are planning to apply for H4 visa again for her. When we are trying to schedule an appointment at USA traveldocs site, based on the questions asked. It says “She is eligible for a dropbox submission”. However my question is in the USAtraveldocs FAQs itself, it says you will not be eligible if you have a visa rejected in any class.

But in the eligibility questions, it just asked: “Have you ever been refused for an H4 visa before”?

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There is no such question asked, "if any of your visa is rejected?". I’m little confused regarding this.

Can you people, please suggest me the best course of action.


It can be risky to assume. Please write to US Embassy or USTravelDocs Help to get guidance. As both are conflicting information, it is better to get clarity. Also, do share with us your inputs after you get info.

I am also on the same boat.

I have called US travel docs in the morning. They mentioned that please go ahead and answer as per questionnaire. If you’re eligible then please go ahead and submit documents for Dropbox.


Pradeepps369 -

Have you submitted application and got approval ? Let me know how it goes.


Yes, we have submitted it through dropbox and the application is now under Administrative processing. we have submitted it on 17th Dec, it surprisingly took a long time, may be because of holiday season or something else. Still waiting though

Let me know if you got any update. I also used drop box on 2nd Jan and hoping to get some update…


Have you got any update?

She was called for an interview. The email from consulate stated some extra review is needed and needs to attend an interview. it was on Jan 18th. What about yours?

My application still in received status as of today. When did you receive this update?

I got call and email today from Embassy to attend interview on Feb 1st for both finger print and interview.

Pradeep, has your spouse got visa? Can you please share her experience ?

Hello Sri, Yes. She got the visa approved today. Very minimal questions. My spouse overstayed her visa last time as her COS was in progress. Their is a question regarding that, and she explainec the same to VO that her cos was pending etc… VO’s response was “its ok for now, but dont repeat it again in any situation” . And said your visa is approved and she will get it in a week.

Hello Pradeep,

I am in same boat. We came on H1 and H4 and did CO Sfor my wife and got COS approved. We went to India and F1 got rejected.
Now applying H4 Visa and it says she is eligible for Drop Box. Lets see what happens. But can you please tell me what all questions were asked from your wife apart from overstayed questions.
Please reply as my wife will drop her passport soon.
Your reply will be really helpful.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello Sri, How did it go? Did your wife get her visa?

Hi Sri, Did your spouse got the visa? What was the reason they called for an interview?
My spouse’s H1 was denied recently but has a valid h4 that we we are going to extend. We were wondering if we should dropbox or schedule interview.