H4 visa drop box appointment on 07/22

I am opting for my drop box appointment on 07/22 and would love to understand if I can put in an NIE letter stating that I am currently studying as an H4 domestic student and my classes start in August. Or should I wait for my visa to get stamped and then email for my NIE application. Please suggest as my classes start from August

You can attach the NIE letter with proof of your enrollment of fall classes.

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I Got the following status update and the passport says it is out of the consular section and to delivery? What should I be prepared for? a 221(g)? Not even sure if they will have a slip on the passport.

Most probably they may have declined your NIE request as they are giving priority to F1 students. If this is the case then you will need to defer your semester to spring of next year.

Is your H1B spouse already in the US?

Yes, He is already in US. I hoped they stamped the Visa, but refused my NIE. I might get to know once the passport arrives.

So if the NIE is refused then they wont stamp the visa and return the passport. Once the travel ban is lifter, they will send you email to re-submit your passport for visa stamp.

Hi Kalpesh, you were right, they refused my application saying I do not fall under PP, and gave me a white 221(g). I believe this will be painful since my application is in limbo now. I cannot do anything until PP lifts up. Is it wise to send an email back to support-india stating my NIE with added documents such as my spouses critical infrastructure letter and my college enrollment (which the dropbox guy did not take and never reached the visa officer). Please advise. Thanks

Please do it. Not sure why the dropbox people don’t understand the importance of certain documents. You should have insisted saying the documents are important for your visa approval and that visa officer may need the documents to review and approve your case. Keep following up!

Should I email support-India? or is there any other email id for Mumbai consulate. Thank you.

You can send it to MumbaiNIE@state.gov


Sent my NIE request 08/3, yet no reply, Can i send a follow up to the mumbai NIE email? Or I need to wait it out. Do they send any email correspondence regarding their decision (even if they reject). Thanks.

Or Can my spouse send an email to Mumbai NIE to request an NIE letter on his H1 visa (currently he is in USA though) get an NIE approval and I can re email mumbaiNIE with my spouses NIE approval letter?

Just send follow-up email.