H4 Visa, child dropbox 2022

Hello experts,

Can you please help me with below doubts. It will be huge help.

  1. Me and my H4 dependents(wife, daughter - who is 2.5 year old) are in USA right now from mid 2020. We got VISA dropbox slot in Mumbai. Do we all have to go Mumbai VAC for Dropbox or can I submit documents on their behalf?

  2. I added 2 H4 dependents details(wife, daughter) in single application on CGI Visa appointment booking portal. Is my daughter(2.5 years old) eligible for dropbox along with me and my wife? Or she will need separate slot after me and my wife receive VISA stamp after dropbox? What I am hearing is for kids under 14, parents need valid VISA stamp first which we don’t have, will get that post dropbox.

  3. In 2021 April, I gone through H1B extension with COMPANY-A (me, my wife and daughter got respective I797’s till APR 2024).
    Later in Oct 2021, I changed my employer from COMPANY-A to COMPANY-B, I got 797 with new expiry date - Aug, 2024. But for my dependents case status is still showing as “case received” and not received I-797A, though they have through employer A. Will it be problem for dropbox document verification or India travel.
    Note: As of now we do not have valid visa’s.

You or even your friend can submit document on your and your family’s behalf.


Yes if you all are applying at the same time.


No issues. H4 status is independent of employer. H4 will use primary H1B I-797 for visa stamping, they don’t even need their own I-797.

Thanks a lot for information Kalpesh this helps. I am clear one question1 and question2

For question2, by any chance do you happen to know if anyone gone trough similar scenario recently?

FYI… For question 2 I got response from “US Travel Docs support team” as below adding more confusion.
“One of the criteria for children below 14 years is “Do your parents both have valid visas?” If both parents hold valid visas, the applicant may qualify for an interview waiver (no appointment). If not qualified for an interview waiver (no appointment), an applicant must schedule both appointments (visa application center and consular).”

I would just try to schedule the appointment and see for myself.