H4 visa approved and have Aproved H1 (visa not Stamped) passports not yet received

My husband is currently working in US. His Previous visa was till september 2013 and got it extended till 2016. But his extension is not yet stamped. I have apllied for h4 and got it approved. But I havent received my stamped passports yet even after 10 days. Will this be a problem that his passports shows visa only till September 2013? If yes what needs to be done?

If I understand correctly, your husband got his H1B extended till 2016 but the VISA stamped in his Passport expired in Sept 2013. I do not think this will adversely affect your H4 stamping, and I uderstand from your writing that you were informed that your H4 is approved. The delay might be just clerical or with the dispatch.

As long as your husband stays inside US, he doesn’t need a VISA stamp in his Passport. Stamped VISA is only required for entering the United States.

Hope that answers your query.