H4 Visa approval after greeb card abandonment.


I got my green card in 2002. My aunt sponsored it for my father and i got it from my father. I could not maintain the status and out of us for more than two years due to financial and family issues.my green card expired. In 2013 i tried for a SB1 but it was rejected. I thought my green card expired and i lost the status. I applied for a visiting visa two months back to visit my brothers and it was rejected as my green card was still active. I checked and i submitted I407 and my green card to the embassy for abandonment of my green card.Now I am looking forward to marry a person who is on H1B.Will i have any issues with my H4 visa? Please help…

I don’t think so. There should be no issues, also you don’t need a visa, as you have your Greencard still active.