h4 visa appointment

My wife H4 visa appointment is scheduled on 19 Sep 2016. I have given the current petition number in DS160 by that time (petition with expiry date 2 Dec 2016) . After that I have applied for my H1B visa extension as premium and it got approved and the new petition has start date 15 Aug 2016 and end date 14 Jul 2019. Can you help me on how to update latest extended Petition number in the DS160 for attending visa interview so that she can get her visa stamped based on the latest petition. Please help…

She can do this:

  1. Complete another DS-160 form using the updated receipt number

  2. Carry both old and new DS forms for her biometric appointment

  3. Request the person at biometrics window to either update the receipt number in old DS form or swap the old DS# with the new on.