H4 Visa Application without Attorney

Hi ,

I have to file H4 visa extension petition for my family. Don’t want to pay the attorney, but there are a few simple questions the attonrey is not answering -

  1. At which service centre can I file? My I-129 petition was filed in Vermont as it was close to my company head-office. I work and stay in California at client location. Can I send it to California Serivce Centre?

2> The I94 date of the family is 10 days more than the actual H4 visa expiration date. Can I file the petiiosn by the I94 validity time?

3> What’s the actual fee? The uscis instruction says $290 ; this is per form or per applicant? Both wife and Kid are included in one application.

4> How do I send the application? Is e-filing possible? OR by post. is there a particular type of courier that I need to send this out with?



  1. Yes, you can send it to CSC

  2. Yes, you have to file it before I-94 expiration date. So this gives you 10 days extra to file

  3. I think it is per applicant. So it would twice of that for you

  4. No, they stopped e-filing some time ago. You can send through USPS or fedex etc. If you want, you can include a prepaid return shipping envelope so that you can track the return package also.