H4 visa application when H1B rejected 3 years back & Tourist visa rejected 2 years back

I got married in Aug 2016 and my husband is working in US on H1B and my H4 visa is being applied by his employer. The issue is that i got a H1B rejected in 2013 due to lack of evidence provided by Company during RFE. The company applying for my H1B were consultants but they couldn’t produce proper docs for RFE, they couldn’t justify the position offered as speciality occupation.

Next year, in 2014 my tourist visa got rejected, during interview for tourist visa I was asked about my previous H1B rejection. The question was: “The company that applied your H1B, were you employed with it??” I answered: “No, they gave me a job offer & applied for my H1B”. And then the interviewer handed my passport back to me :frowning:

I’ve mentioned about these rejections correctly in the DS-160 form.

Q1) Will the previous rejections impact my current H4 application??

Q2) Is there any way I can help the situation here, like a letter from my husband’s Senator supporting the situation ???

Q3) If Q2 works out, how to get that Senator letter and what shall be the letter content???

PS: I’m working in India in IT, with 7 years of exp, and will be taking a leave from work to stay in US for 4-6 months on H4

  1. Usually H-1 rejections don’t impact you as long as they were employer’s fault. However, your F-1 denial was in part due to H-1 rejection, which is little worrisome. Having said that, H-4 is a dependent visa and not a primary visa like H-1 or F-1. So it may still work out in your case.

  2. No

  3. N/A