H4 visa application before H1 stamping


I have joined a new company when I am in the USA and my H1 petition is still under process. I will get it approved before November, when I am visiting India. (worst case, I will upgrade to premium).

I am getting married in November and I am planning to apply for H4 visa for my wife when I am there. (will try to book an appointment earlier with correctable DS-160).

My questions:

  1. I have valid visa till 2018. do i have to get my new visa stamped for my wife’s H4 processing?

  2. Is it possible to book a single appointment for myself and my wife to get the new visa stamped? Will there be any complications, as my new H1 petition didn’t include my wife’s name (as I am not married yet).


  1. No need for your visa to be stamped for her stamping. She can go for stamping with your new petition and copy of old visa stamp.

  2. Petition never includes spouse’s name. Petition will just have your name. You can complete 2 DS-160 forms, pay 2 separate fees and book an appointment for yourself. While scheduling the interview it will ask if this is a family petition and at that point you can add your wife as dependent. BTW, you will be eligible for dropbox but your wife won’t be.