H4 visa and online PhD - F1 COS, Stamping with I-140

I am on H4 visa at this time, currently living in US. I am planning to pursue online/distance learning PhD in US. This distance learning program entails about 3 mandatory on campus visits.

  1. Being on H4 visa, am I allowed to pursue full or part time studies? I am not looking for employment as a graduate assistant.
  2. I have an approved I -140 in place. Will I be allowed to transition to F1 visa in the future?
  3. If for some reason during the next 4-5 years when I am pursuing my PhD and if my spouse’s H1B is canceled, will I be still allowed to complete my PhD if I can fulfill my requirement of On campus stay by getting a visitor visa? Not sure if I will qualify for a short term student visa status at that time.
    Please let me know.

Yes, you can. Read : study in US on H4 Visa in US.

Well, that could be tricky…it will allow you to do COS, but when you travel out and for stamping, it can be tricky because you cannot prove the non-immigrant intent. Read Dual intent vs Non immigrant intent

You cannot study on Visitor visa, but you can apply for Change of status to F1 and continue to stay, but when you exit and try to get stamping, you would have similar tricky situation with stamping as you have approved I-140.