H4 Visa and biometric

I applied for the H4 extension in early Feb 2021, I didn’t receive the Biometric update yet.
With the new updates on the biometric should I still expect the biometric appointment or not?
Can anyone please update me if applied in a similar time frame and received the biometric appointment, because I have been waiting and still did not hear anything yet.
I am not sure what to do, please help me.

Thank you

As far my understanding, whoever have already received the biometric would required to complete the biometric and for those who have not received the biometric dates then they may not be expected for a biometric post May 17, 2021. This is just my opinion and i dont have anyone i knew went through this. Please check in the USCIS news portal page to re confirm.

We filed on 11/18/2021 at CA and got biometrics on 5/5/2021. My guess is in terms of processing your case you may be far off. FYI, it’s the ext which is delayed. Bio is getting waived off any how

Not even sure exactly what date are they processing at the moment.