H4 valid visa till 2014 traveled to india(change of employer for husband)

Hello all,

I am on H1b and have a valid visa till 2014 with employer A. I had a change of employer to employer B early this year and I got my H1B approved… My wife also have H4 visa stamped till 2014 with employer A.

Recently she travelled to india and will be back by october 2013. Does she need new H4 approval documents with employer B? Do I need to apply H4 for her ??

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

With valid stamped visa , she can return to USA without staming and will be allowed entry in USA with new I 797.

However consulates in India insist that when employer is changed applicants should go for new visa stamping with fresh I 797.

Advantage with first option is that it eliminates the risk of getting 221G.

But I personally recommend second option as it gives a longer validity visa , keeps you in good books of consulate and allows you to visit India later at short notice for any emergency/ unforeseen reason The risk of 221 g is worth taking.

Finally it is yr choice and decision