H4 travelling to different city than H1B applicant

Hi Friends,
My situation: I am in Canada and I have H4 visa. My spouse is in California and she has H1B for a city in California. We want to directly meet in a vacation destination in USA. So, from Canada, I want to directly travel to a different city(or may be a different state as well) than the city she is working in, in California.

My questions:

  1. With H4, Can I directly travel to a DIFFERENT CITY(but in the same state) she is working in?
  2. With H4, Can I directly travel to a DIFFERENT STATE than California? Like Florida?
  3. If any of the above question is YES, then does she need to be already present in that destination, before I reach?

Thank you so much in advance.!

Should be no issue. Carry H4 and primary H1B related documents if requested by CBP at POE.

I dont see any issue with that.


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Thank you so much Kalpesh, always.! Much appreciated for quick response.