H4 Travel and Re-entry to US with Few days left on Visa ? Extension?


My H1B is expiring in Apr 30, 2020. Also my wife’s H4 is valid till April 30, 2020 but I94 is valid until May 10, 2020. And she has a valid stamping in her passport.

She is travelling to India and coming back to USA on March 25, 2020. Will there be any problem while coming back into USA? Also, My H1B extension may be filed while she is in India? Any suggestion?

No, there will NOT be any problem.
The suggestion is, please apply for H1B extension much before March 25 and in premium processing, so that she can use your H1B and get H4 stamping done in India. It will be a nightmare to keep waiting for H4 approval in US with new biometrics process. CheckH4 Biometrics Delays, experiences