H4 to Non-profit or Cap exempt H1B

At present I am doing masters degree in US university and I am on H4. I will be graduating this December and one of the religious university (non-profit) that is meant for higher education and research is ready to sponsor me H1B.

  1. When can I apply for cap exempt H1B? Can it be anytime after my graduation?

  2. How long does it take usually for regualr processing? or through premium processing?

  3. Are there any possiblity of rejection? (I dont have much previuos experience)

  4. What are the documents do I need to send?
    Thank you in advance

  1. Yes, they can sponsor anytime after graduation, they will need your graduation transcripts when they apply for H1B

  2. Regular processing time varies anywhere between few weeks to few months. Premium takes 15 calendar days

  3. Well, your H1B job is tied to your qualifications and job role that you are being hired for. As long as your skills fit, you should be fine.

  4. All the documents list will be asked by your attorney. You can check H1B Visa Application Documents