H4 to L1 COS possibility?

i am a non ad/reg/ca applicant…. currently on h4 and applied for h1b from a US start up company.both my employer and lawyer have now asked me to move on to plan B. i had asked them to check if my cheque was encashed or not but i didnt get any reply on that exactly but was asked to keep no hope…

i wanted to know if there is a possibility of COS to L1 from h4.previously i was working for a reputed mobile communication techology company with 4 years of work exp.the company’s head office is in CA. is it possible for them to file for my L1 now? its been 4 months since i have resigned from the company and now in US..

any comments/help regarding info from h4 to L1 will be very useful. pls let me know if there is any external link?