H4 to L1 Conversion


I have an H4 Visa and will be shifting to US in the next 2 months. I will be a dependent on my husband, who will be on H1B Visa. Now that I am going to leave my present company, where I have worked for more then 5 years now, they have said that they might have some provisions of me working from US, but I will have to suggest the VISA options to them. So here are my questions :

  1. If the company applies for a L1 Visa, will there be a stamping problem in my passport as my H4 is already stamped (I got it stamped two weeks back)

  2. Can I work for this company from US, ie… Can I still be in H4 and work from home for this company in India?

  3. If I get L1 visa stamped, will there be a problem at the port of entry as my husband will be on H1, my 2 year old daughter on H4, and I will be on L1.

  4. If I go to US on H4 Visa, and then the company makes an offer, can I apply for a change to status from H4 to L1. If yes, how much time does it take? and what are the chances for the same?

I do not want to miss this oppurtunity to go to US with a work Visa. My company is a mid-sized and good MNC with main offices in San Hose.
Please suggest.

  1. L-1 stamping’s outcome will not be impacted by your H-4 visa stamp.

  2. If you are not in US, you can work for any employer. If you are inside US on H-4, then you cannot work for any employer unless you get an EAD.

  3. No issues

  4. If you are eligible for L-1, they can file COS from H-4 to L-1. Processing time is 2-4 months.