H4 to L1 contact details

Hi Saurabh,

My wife is on H4 and got rejected in H1 lottery. She has worked for an Indian MNC for 3-4 yrs and now is she eligible to apply for L1 CoS? I am unable to get an info on the HR details in US. Also, the careers site of the company wouldnt respond. Would you be able to help on this please?

She would be eligible for L-1 if she has worked for that employer for at least 1 year outside US in previous 3 years. In addition, the job position should require use of knowledge, skills, technology and tools which are specific to employer and not known outside the employer. Does she qualify on that basis?

Hi Saurabh,

Yes she qualifies for this criteria. But its very difficult to get hold of a HR in Wipro wherein she worked 3 yrs back. Could you please help in getting a contact?

One other option is that she has to pursue an MS Degree for which she could convert from H4 to F1 and some consultants are ready to offer her an opportunity. But again, every university is pretty expensive (like $15k/yr). Are you aware of any economical online universities too (like 5k-7k/yr) ?


I don’t know any contacts at Wipro.

What state/city are you located in? I assume you would prefer schools closer to your current location.