H4 to H1B Visa


Am currently on H4 Visa in US.I am looking for H1B Visa.I have no idea on how to fetch for H1B Sponsorship companies.I applied few jobs and getting rejected only due to not having Work visa.Please suggest me on:

1)Any H1B Sponsor Employers?

2)Any Consultancy companies to help on getting H1B Visa?

3)Any other option to get Work Visa?

4)Any pointers to reach out ?

I appreciate your help on this regard.




I don’t think its the right forum to look for H1B Sponsors.

Options to get work visa is either H1/ L1 or EAD.

You need to do your own research to find those consulting companies. You can find employers on recruiting sites like dice, monster; or with your network of friends and family.