H4 to H1B visa transfer

I have an H4 visa valid till Dec 2016, and presently I am in US (moved here May 2015).

I had applied for H1B visa through an employer in US (March 2015), and my petition got approved today.

So my concern now is what is the best option for me.

  1. Apply CoS while being in US from H4 to H1B

  2. Go back to India on H4, go to consulate and get H1B stamped

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank u

COS Advantages:

  1. Cheaper, unless you have other reasons to travel to your home country

  2. More chances of approval. First time H-1B stamping is more riskier than COS approval, especially when filing through a consulting company

Stamping Advantages:

  1. Takes less time when approved. You get your stamped passport within a week and allows you to start working soon after entering US. COS can take 2-3 months.