H4 to H1B - Visa Stamping in India (1st time)

I was on H4 and got my H1B approved and working in USA for 6+ months. Going to India for first time H1B Stamping.

What all documents are required and process of doing it?

Immigration documents - 797, copy of 129, letter from employer to USCIS

Your documents - resume, passport, degree, marksheets, payslips, W-2

Employer documents - copy of client/project letter, SOW, MSA etc

One or more of the docs may or may not be required in your case. It depends upon your case.

Hi Saurabh,

Thank u very much…

Can u pls confirm on DS 160 and how can i book for appointments?

Thank you

Go to US travel docs site. They have explained the process there along w/ the links.

Hi Shylaja,

I am in same situation as you, but how did u work without H1B stamping? cant we change the COS in US itself and then start working? is it mandtory to go to India? Please suggest saurabh / Shylaja???