H4 to H1B using existing CAP

Dear All,

Can you please help with below questions regarding H4-H1 with cap exempt.

  1. My wife had H1B and worked in US for 2 years, then changed to H4. She is currently on H4 for last 1 year in US. If she sher gets a job, can we reuse the H1B with new employer?
  2. If the H1B can be reused, what would be the process? H1B transfer or Change of Status? does she need to go for stamping?
  3. Also, i’m waiting for my H1B extension along with H4 Extension for my wife. Do i need to get this approval before filing H1B transfer or Change of Status for my wife?
    Kindly suggest the best way to do.
  4. Should i file Premium process for my current extension and get approval? before starting the process for my wife?

Thanks for you help!