H4 to H1B Transfer for Spouse with H1B approved from resigned company

Hi Team,

I have been working in US on my H1B since June 2011.
My wife came on H4 to US 1 months back.she was working in India in an MNC and she has 5 years of Exp.

Her previous company has applied her H1B for this year (2012-13 quota),she received the “Receipt number” before she has

resinged an dcame to US.Recently from the USCIS website we came to know that her petition has been approved.

From the forums we got the information that we can transfer that petition to other employer in the US and she can start working

from Oct 2012.

My query is, Do we require the original I797 or the atleast the copy of it to transfer to another Employer.All we have is the

“Receipt number”.We are sure her previous company will not share those details.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank You All,


I-797 petition approval notice is required for H1B transfers. However, you may try with the receipt number as well.