H4 TO H1B my H1b already rejected.

Respected Sir / Madam, Me and my wife works in a same company in India and applied for H1B. she got selected and I got 221g in H1B interview. After 4 months my Visa got rejected stating that, “the beneficiary is not eligible for the petitioned visa category and petitioner is unable or unwilling to provide the employment under the terms USCIS”

We really don't understand the reason for rejection. shall I reapply once again for H1b with the same Employer and when shall I reapply. We have a small kid living with me in India and my wife working in US with H1b visa. We really don't know what decision we can take. Shall i go U.S through H4 and reapply to H1B it will cause any negative impact. 

Please reply me, your help will be appreciated.