H4 to H1B - I 140 Approved


I maxed out of my 6 yrs of H1b and I moved to India. After going to India my I 140 got approved. Then Company A applied for 7th yr H1B Extension based on I 140 approval. Mean while My wife got H1B and Came to US on H4. After coming to US my H1b Got Approved from Company A. So now I have below questions. 1. Since My H1 is Approved, I need to go for change of status from H4 to H1( it might take 3 months) and then I can start working with Company A ?2. Say If Company B want to apply New H1B(cap Exempt based on I 140 Approval) on premium , Do I still need to go for change of status H4 to H1 and whether it will take 3 months or change of status will be automatically done( while H1B Premium) ? once the H1B gets approved from Company B can i start working right away?