H4 to H1B conversion using expired unused H1B approved petition of previous employer or H4 to F1


Hi everyone …

I am staying in USA currently as a dependant on H4 Visa sorting my ways to find job. I have an approved unused expired H1B petition which can be utilised to work on finding a sponsor.

Since past 2.5 months i have been trying to find a sponsor with no luck.

  1. What is % of success of people in my category to find a job?

  2. What are the best ways to find a job in my case? What type of jobs should i be applying to? ( I tried searching for positions in job portals like indeed…)

  3. How can i utilize my approved petition?

  4. What universities offer Day 1 CPT programs and what is the eligibility criteria for H4’s to enroll?

  5. What is the process to convert from H4 to F1 ?

Looking for suggestions which can help me find a way to work in USA .



Hi, i am in the same situation. Can you please share your current status and answers for your questions (if you got any). Thanks in advance!


I am also in the same situation. You got any suggestion ?