H4 to H1B conversion,H1B cap exempt

Please provide the information for H4 to H1B conversion.

Fiance’s status:-

Current status:-H1B

Issue date:- 16 APR 2015

Expiry date:- 30 JUN 2017

Employer:- Wipro

Usage:- H1B not used. Did not come to USA on H1B anytime.

Cancelled:- H1B will be cancelled in December 2015 as she is going to resign job from current employer.

"Her current H1B will be terminated in Decmember 2015 as she is going to resign and her H1B will be cancelled.

After marriage she will be coming on H4 visa in January or March 2016.Can she convert from H4 to H1B at any time with lottery?Is she H1B cap exempt?