H4 to H1B conversion, also travel to India and renew H4 basis i797

Dear Sir,

Am planning to apply for H4 TO H1 conversion through a consultant in april 2014, am currently staying in US on H4 visa which is expired this year and i have approved I 797 which is valid till 2016.

Request you to help me with following questions

  1. Can i travel to India next year and return to US before Oct 1st 2014 on my existing H4 Visa even after having approved H1 and COS Petition?

  2. I will have to get H4 visa renewed and stamped basis my I 797( given by my husbands employer), will i face any trouble doing this if i have an approved H1 and COS?

  3. If my H1 petition gets approved in april 2014 and also COS approved can i still travel to India on H4 and get it restamped basis I797???

Highly Appreciate your Help,

Thank you,