H4 to H1 Transfer

I have h1b petition till sept 2016 and my h1b amendment is denied to the current client. I Went back to india because of some medical issues. My husband is in US. Can i come to US on H4 stamping and transfer my H4 to H1 after reaching US and find a new job.

Please tell me my options on this.

I would suggest go with H4 stamping at the moment. In case if you need to attend the interview, don’t tell any thing about your H1 future plans. Just tell that you want to spend with your husband and as of now, no plans to work. After reaching us, you can apply for cos once your amendment petition approves.


Thanks for your input. Now, My Wife H4 stamping is done and her H1 Petition is valid till Sep 2016. After reaching US as dependent can she change her status from H4 to H1 to different employer and the same client.

Please suggest your valuable input on the same.


Rajesh Peethala