H4 to h1 to h4 to h1....are there chances of RFE when reopening h1


I am in big confusion. Please help me … Presently I m in India

I went to US on H4 visa on 23 july 2011.

I applied for COS and got my H1 approved with no questions(through a consultancy) on mar7th 2012.

After that, as I was expecting, i did not work and we decided to change it to H4. And the application for H4 reached USCIS on 27th March 2012.

After that I travelled to India on June1st 2012 . after a few days my attorney called me up and said my H4 went to RFE asking for payslips for the duration Mar7th to mar27th.Then my attorney told me that as I was already in India i dont have to worry about RFE and i can come back to US on the same H4 visa.

Now my question is as I had an RFE earlier, if i come to US on H4 and reopen my H1 again(my h1 is valid till jan 2014), are there any chances of denial or RFE?

If denial or RFE do i have to come back to India again?

Please help me. My travel to USA is decided on ur answer…