H4 to H1 to H4 before 1st October - hence will I be on H1 on 1st october?

Hi ,

I have a question related to my H-status.

I am currently on H4 in US.

I got H1 approved in 2013 with start date of 1st Oct.

In June - I will travel to India for a week (urgent) and be back in June itself on already stamped H4.

My spouse (who is on H1) will be changing job in August - hence this would lead to my new H4 in August.

Now on 1st October - what will be my status - will it be H1?

Pl help me.

As far as I know, if you had applied your H1 with COS and it was approved, your status will change to H1 only on Oct 1st until then your status would be H4.

I dont know about the stamping, which your lawyer might answer it for you, as you have mentioned that you will go for stamping for the new H4.

Thanks for response. But I will NOT be going for stamping - I mentioned I will be back with existing stamped H4 (since I will be back in June).

So do you mean to say that last rule will be activation of H1 on 1st Oct? Irrespective my spouse changes job in August (and hence I get a new approval notice for H4) ?