H4 to h1 status change. has anyone got the reply on it

Nyone here who has applied for a change from h4 to h1 and have received any notification from your employer that its been selected. I am awaiting the reponse buy neither the employer nor the attorney are giving me direct answers. And I am panicking as I really want to have a answer on this. so seeking to know that if anyone has got some info please share n help.


Was it regular or with PP?

Regular, not premium

If selected, you should know by month end. If not selected, it may take longer (say May).

Thanks Saurabh for such a quick response but just wanted to know that why the h4s result is so late when it was jus lottery based which according to the news has already been done. Just a thought. Thanks

Hi I am on H4 i got my recieot today. But mine was premium processing hence got early. u have still time . dont worry

Thanks Anusree…hoping for the best…need luck

It has nothing to do w/ H-4. It has everything to do w/ not being PP. PP petitions are informed first, followed by others (H-4 COS, Masters, outside US applicants etc).

Hi saurabh, I really appriciate your work. This is really a big sort of social work you are doing and is truly requirment of current era. Thanks a lot for all your efforts and help.

Redarding your answer above I wonder if COS h4 to h1 is not actually equall to fresh h1 itself which will need to go thru cap and lottery process etc…

Awaiting response,

Thanks Oracle :slight_smile:

There are following H-1 variations:

  • someone already counted in the cap previously (cap-exempt)
  • someone not already counted in the cap previously (cap-subject)

The latter includes all cases of people present outside US (consular processing) or inside US (COS). They all need to go through the cap and are not subject to different quotas (that’s just for Advanced Degree). The only difference being in one case COS is approved, while in the other consular notification is given.

Does that clarify?

Hi Saurabh,
Really appreciate your help. I know how much efforts this kind of job requires. Even I was involved in forums but completely technical I’ve helped many in their tech issues for EMC… And I know how much dedication it requires. I would not say I was a addict but a curious person to know and follow the updates. Same as I can see in you

Thanks for the kind help n plz gv me good wishes to get my h1 done. As I need to b bAck on job as I’ve worked in india as a lead for 5 yrs n being at home all day is really very tuff with only the house job

Thanks Iamonh4. I wish you best wishes w/ the lottery result and the processing thereafter :).

Thanks Saurabh…will def update with the proceedings

Thanks many…
That clarifies all my doubts.
Thanks again for replying… :slight_smile:

Hi Iamonh4,

I got my receipt today. I am also on H4. Did u hear anything? Wishing u luck and plz dont loose hopes… It is taking time.