H4 to H1 from EAC, In Initial pending from May 15th.. Anyone in same boat ?

Is anyone else under regular quota waiting for response from EAC(Vermont) center from may 15th or before… Or did any one get response ?

Regular, non masters, H4 to H1, No RFE

Ther vermont center processing time says it will take 2 months and it is last updated on Jul 19th, which is 2 months after my case reciept. So is there a way can report this to USCIS, their website says so, but want to check if it is right way to do…

There is no way to report this delay to USCIS. There are many petition dated early May month is still in initial review. Also in case of California processing center, same May month dated petitions are approved and RFE issued for some cases. I guess we should get some updates by this month end.

Thanks Vivek

Thank you for the update.