H4 to H1 COS

I have h1b petition till sept 2016 and my h1b amendment is denied. I Went back to india because of some medical issues. My husband is in US. I went to H4 stamping and it is done and since my H1 Petition is valid till Sep 2016. After reaching US as dependent can i change my status from H4 to H1 to different employer and to the same client.

Please suggest your valuable input on the same.

Yes you can change your status back to H1 with a different employer same client.

Thanks for your answer. At present i am in INDIA can i immediately apply for COS after reaching US. Is there are any issues if i submit COS immediately…
please suggest. What are the chances of denial and chances of asking to go to india for stamping.

Yes you can apply for COS immediately after reaching here. Chances of denial are the same as in any other case. Chances of asking to go to India for stamping is very less though.

Thanq Ankit, Why iam asking about denial is my H-1B amendment is denied for Employer1 Now i am going to direct employerB for one of the largest company and for the same client…previous the same employerB is one of the vendor for me in which amendment is denied. Also, what if my COS is denied. Do i need to go india and again come back on H4. pls suggest.

i don’t understand what you mean by H1b amendment - extension or transfer? whatever reason it was denied, the same will pop-up as RFE when you put in a COS petition.

Your previous rejection of the H1 amendment should not impact your new petition. Also if your COS is denied then you would continue to be on H4.