H4 to h1 conversion without sponsership


I am here on h4 visa and i want it to convert into any working visa. I have 2+ yrs of work experience frm my home country. I applied to many companies but there is not a single reply. So, I have no US company to sponser.

Can i transfer my visa on my own.? Any suggestions.?

No, you always need an employer to file the H-1 for you. The cap is about to open in 2 weeks and may not survive for more than few weeks. So you need to really hurry up or you will not be able to file until April 2014.

i have applied to many companies but there is no reply. Can I convert my visa to any other working visa? What else I can do? I am having masters degree with 2+ years of exp… anv that ll not help here? Is there any other working visa?

If you intent to study, then you can file for F-1 through a school. You may be eligible for CPT/OPT depending upon your program.

Then there is L-1 which has its own requirements including working for that employer for at least 1 year outside US in the past 3 years.