H4 to H1 change of Status Void

Hi All,

Currently, I am on H4 visa and I have my H1B petition pending with USCIS for FY 2014 (H4 to H1 status change). If I leave the country before the petition approval:

  1. Would my complete H1B petition be void or just the change of status application?
  2. If the petition won’t be void, would I be able to enter back on H4 and file for a change of status again?
  3. If I can’t file for a change of status again, I guess I should be able to go back and get it stamped before starting the job after Oct 1, 2013?

Please let me know.


  1. Just the COS

  2. Yes

  3. You can either do COS or enter on stamped H-1 visa