H4 to H1 B Process and Delay working.


I am on H4 valid till June 2014.

Applied for H1 and approved for Oct 2013.

Please let me know 

	how the H4 to H1 is converted ? wil the H1 always filed along with COS  or can we file COS later after H1 is approved ?

	I wanted to delay working due to child birth  till March 2014 ? What should i do in this case ?

	If my H1B is approved with COS then what are my options  to delay work till 2014 ?

	How is my emplyer affected if i delay work till 2014 March

	Will i be continue in H4 until i start working even after H1 Approval ?

Please answer my queries.



Check your H-1 approval document to see if it has I-94 attached at the bottom of it. If yes, then COS has been approved and status will change to H-1 from Oct 1.

First find out if COS is approved or not. It will be easier to answer the questions thereafter.