H4 to H1-B: found two people willing to file. need advice.

Hello Everyone,

I am on H4 visa and found two people willing to sponsor my H1-B visa

[b]1)[/b] [b]Project management professional[/b] who started a company 2 years back. He is an independent consultant for most part and recently hired two more people in business development. He is willing to file for my H1-B since I worked with him on a project from India where we were working for the same client.

[b]Questions : a) Is this route safe since it is a very small, not much known, company? [/b]

[b]                      b) what are the possible problems?[/b]

[b]2) A consulting company with good record [/b]who is willing to file with the condition that they wont provide the client letter.

[b]Questions: a) At what stage is client letter absolutely necessary?[/b]

[b]                    b) what are the possible problems[/b]

[b]3) Questions: what is the better route of above two? I don't wish to have complications staying in US with my husband.[/b]


I would really appreciate your help and advice. Looking forward to the replies.


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BEWARE FROM SAB INFORMATION SYSTEM OWNED BY BABU DEVALAPUR AND BY NOVELTY INFOTECH BY JAYAKAR NEELA. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!! NEITHER THEIR ANY VISA GOT APPROVED NOR THEY RETURNED ANY MONEY. They will change the company name, so just remember their names. They ran to India and they are not refunding any money. One is located in Atlanta and other in Alpharetta.

  1. If the Employers background is fine, U suit the job and documentation is fine. More chances of approval

  2. This is dangerous, Client letter can be asked at any point of time - either for RFE or stamping or at POE… So risky it is

  3. First option is better

Hi… Good day. Iam also looking for h1b sponsers this year. It would be extremely helpful if you could share the consultancy names and contact info through whom you are filling. Iam ready to pay to h1b filing .my email - g.rajie@gmail.com
Thank you