H4 to H1 and COS to H4 visa stamping

Hi All,

I came to USA on h4 visa and got my H1.I worked for a year ,due to some personal reason i changed my status to H4 on May 2016.

Q.After coming to USA,I’m traveling to India for first time.I want to know what all document required for H4 stamping in India?

Do i need to carry all doc required for h1 visa stamping as i had H1 visa before(not stamped)?


Forget about your H1 Visa. You are on your H4 status now. All it matters is your spouse’s (not yours) H1 Visa papers AND your Marriage Certificate.

Dont bring ANY OF your H1B matters into this H4 process… they are SEPARATE.

If any immigration officer asks “Did you have H1B visa before” say Yes.