H4 to H1 activate procedure before actual travel on H4


I am recently back to India after working on H1B with my employer.

My H1 extended and VISA is stamped till Nov 2016. But could not able fly due to unavailability of project.

So I got H4 stamped(Husband is on separate H1) and now I have a valid H4 also.

I understand that only one Visa will be active at a time, in my case which is H4.

I did not even travel yet on H4.

Q1. What is the process to get H1 activated back if I got any project?

Q2. Is any intimation/process needs to be sent to USICS or at Port of Entry i can make my H1 active?

Please do the needful.

Both your visas are active for travel. Your H-1B is active until revoked by employer. If a project comes through you should be ready to work. This situation would have been different if you had applied for H1 to H4 change of status in the US but instead you travelled abroad to get stamping. Good decision.