H4 to H1 2014: shld I apply COS? When can I start working?

Hi, I have applied for h4 to h1 transfer and got my receipt # on apr-9-2013. If my petition is approved, 1.When can start working in USA? Only after oct-2013? 2. Should I do something else to transfer my h4 to h1 or just the approved I797 is enough? Thanks in advance!!! We all really appreciate your help in getting our queries sorted out…Thanks a lot… Regads, Deena.

Congrats first of all!

  1. Yes, you can start working from Oct 1, 2013

  2. after receving I797, if you are planning to leave US, you need to get it stamped, else you can directly start working from Oct 1.

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From the forumns i understand that there needs to be COS applied after H1 B approval ? if not applied along with H1 ? Isnt this true ?