H4 to F1 - Withdrawal? wrt H4 EAD Law


I have applied for COS H4 to F1 on Nov 26th. Status is still pending now (3 months).

In light of the new H4 EAD rule for which I would be eligible, it will be more beneficial (In-state tuition fee, off campus jobs etc.) for me to continue on H4 rather than F1 now.

I’m in dilemma whether it is a good decision to convert to F1 or to withdraw COS application. Could someone please help me with this? Also, what is the procedure to withdraw COS application? What will be the compelling reason for withdrawal?

Your advice is much appreciated.

Thank you!


If you are going to get in-state tuition and can work anywhere on EAD, it would definitely be a better choice to move back to H4. If you are on F1, you can only work part time and only on-campus, with EAD you would not have such restrictions.

To withdraw an application, you need to write a letter to USCIS informing that you would like to withdraw your application of COS, include your receipt notice along with it. The address that you would need to send would be in the receipt notice. You can check with your DSO at school for advice on the same or you can setup an infopass appointment with USCIS to understand the process.