H4 to F1 Visa Stamping Experience Hyderabad, Questions

Hi, I wanted to share my experience at Hyderabad consulate for my visa transfer from h4 to f1. I was so nervous before attending interview by looking at the crowd and I had chat with few individuals around which went around negative discussions. So believe in you, be confident and this is not the end of the world.
Me: Hi sir good morning!
VO: why are you here ? and pass me your passport.
Me: said , I am here for my F1 visa.
VO: school name ? And place ?
Me : told
VO: have you already joined the course?
Me: Yes sir, I joined in March and I completed my first semester with 4.0 gpa
VO: is 4.0 enough and VO laughed.
VO: why you came to india ?
Me: I came for a family visit and visa transfer.
VO: Congrats … have a nice day!

You are really lucky…Congratulations. Moving from H4 to F1 is a tricky move because you are moving from Dual intent visa to Non-immigrant intent… Also, please add any details such as documents you carried and process at the consulate for everyone benefit.