H4 to F1 visa rejected. Urgent! Please help!


I was on H4 visa valid till 30th August 2017. I applied for COS to F1 in April and my classes for Masters began on 21st August 2017. Meanwhile my COS was pending, I started going to school and my I-94 expired. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago COS got denied with the reason that I attended school while my non immigrant status was expired. I traveled back to home country in the middle of my semester to appear for the interview.

So, I attended the visa interview yesterday and it got rejected. Here is how the interview went,

The lady who interviewed me started with the regular question Why this university, and then

Why F1, What’s your current GPA, Are you currently attending the school?

It went good so far. And then she asked Is your husband still in US working? When is the end date of his current status? Can you pass me his visa copy? Then she looked at the copy, paused for a while, went to some other lady and discussed on something for a couple of minutes. After returning to her seat, she rejected giving the 214(b) slip.

I’m booking the appointments again. Now, considering that my H4 expired, F1 got rejected once, what are the chances of approval in the second time? Please suggest me the convincing answer for why H4 to F1! Please help!

It is hard to tell what the visa officer is expecting. All you can do is have your facts and tell the truth. Any answers given by others are not going to be convincing enough because they will miss the conviction. You should be the best person to think of what works for you and your situation…I am sure you know why you want to do H4 to F1, just state the facts.

Hi Kumar,
I gave a second attempt. I got rejected again. This time,
VO: do you want to apply for h4
me: No!
VO: whats ur plan after masters then?
me: I will work until my husband’s term is valid, and will return to India and work here in India

In next attempt, if I am asked about the plan after masters, can I say I will go back to my husband by applying h4? ( contradictory statement to previous attempt)

Hi Manjuj,
We are facing the same situation my wife went for f1 stamping and got rejected .Can you please tell what steps you have taken for coming back to US

In general, H4 to F1 stamping is very tricky, the simple reason is that you are moving from Dual Intent Visa, that is H4 to non-dual intent visa ( F1 visa)…

Hi All,

I have been working in US and my H1 Extension got rejected. Then I went for F1 interview and that also got rejected.

My spouse is in H1B. I am going for H4 interview next week. Can they reject H4 also ?

Please help me on this.


Well, H4 usually does not get rejected most of the times, but again, sometimes it can happen. Carry all documentation and you should be fine. Do share your update here.

Hi Venkatesh,

We are planning for H4 -> F1 interview.
Do you mind sharing visa interview experience. That will be helpful.

I never could make it. I had 6 back to back F1 rejections.